SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)




Honestly this whole marketing¬†channel is bullshit. Anyone that tries to sell you SEO services is a snake oil salesman. But…I’ll take your money if you want me to “get you listed first in Google.” Really, all you need is a solid site navigation, some H1 & meta tags, social share buttons on your product pages and maybe a few tweaks here & there.

Google changes its algorithm every few months What was once a popular method of improving search results is now damaging to your site…I’m looking at you backlinking and keywords. Focus on other parts of your business, like creating a quality brand or customer service.

I forgot to mention optimizing Yahoo! & Bing, but who really uses them? You might as well still use your 1000 free hours of AOL and your site is built on Geocities.



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