Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy


Email is the best way to drive revenue and keep in touch with your customer base. Batch and blast is fine for beginners, but you really what a personalized experience for you email subscribers. There are tons are automated strategies that can save you time & money.



Trigger emails you need:

  1. Welcome Series (2 – 3 emails) – once you get that person on your list, you need to welcome them into the fold.
  2. Thank You Email – 2 – 3 weeks after that person has made a purchase, send them a “Thank You” email. Plus, you can get them to right a review (content that you don’t have to write) and give them an offer to get them to come back and purchase again.
  3. Abandon Cart Email – 97% of the time you are going to fail. Sounds pretty bad, but 3% is about the average conversion rate +/- 3%. The abandon cart email will get some of those 97%-ers back to your site to purchase. Typically, you want to do one 1 – 2 hours after the person leaves the site. If the don’t purchase, hit them with one more 24 hours later with a nice offer. If they still don’t commit, leave them alone.
  4. Birthday (or anniversary) Email – everyone loves a birthday surprise.
  5. Replenishment Email – depending on the lifespan of your product or service, you will want to hit your customer back up with a reminder to purchase again.
  6. Abandon Browse Email – it’s too creepy for me, but some people do it.
  7. Back in Stock – if you run out of stock on something, try adding in an email collection field on the product page to notify the customer when the product is back in stock.
  8. Reactivation (sometimes called Winback) Email – If you haven’t had a customer purchase in a long time (a year or more), hit them with a final farewell email. Give them a big offer and if the don’t convert, it’s time to say goodbye. Removing them will also help with your deliverability rate.
  9. Loyalty Emails – If you have a loyalty program, you can send people messages about points gained, recommendations to use their points or expiring points (but I hate expiring points. Make your customers happy, let those points live on forever!)
  10. Recommendations Email – based off what someone has purchased, you can send your customer an email with similar or complementary products.


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